Below you will find some of Bornholms exciting points of interest - enjoy.

A bikeride to Hammershus

Visit the biggest castle ruin of northern europe, Hammershus, which was build by the archbishop of Lund in 12-century, the castle survived the occupation of both the Lubecks and the riots when Bornholm was under Swedish control.

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See bisons on Bornholm

Visit the first bisons in Bornholms and one of the biggest forest of Denmark, Almindingen. The bisons have been exstinct in the wild nature of Europe since 1919 - the bisons thrives in Almindingen and have already born calves.

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The suntemple Rispebjerg

Visit Rispebjerg in Pedersker, which has been a suntemple and is believed to be more than 5000 years old, it has been a place of worship, a place of protection in times of war and the last known usage was for the militz during the occupation of Sweden.

Dueodde beach

Visit Dueodde on the south coast on Bornholm, which is said to have one of the best sand beaches in the world and is one of a few that actually can say that they have sold sand to Sahara.

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The Rocking Stone

Visit one of three big rocking stones on Bornholm, the biggest resides in Paradisbakkerne (Hills of Paradise) and is probably transported by the last ice age, it weighs over 35 tons - The other to is in Rutsker Højlyng and Almindingen.